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Galacticus said...
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 10/NOV/09
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Watched like 20 times over, can't wait!
I wonder what they're going to show off on May 24th..since it's just about a week before E3.
Dude thanks for the heads up, hadn't seen this yet. Looks solid.
Am I the only one who thought COD4 sucked?
@ngdot Probably :P ;) ...considering it's sold at least 10 million copies and has been one of the top online games since it came out over a year and a half ago :)
Yeah this looks pretty amazing.
@ngdot ...yes
My hope is they bring something new to multiplayer again. The Perks and Leveling system was a great idea. It would be awesome if they came up with something equally as awesome to throw on top. Maybe a persistent map where you can join sides and work towards a larger goal?
I'm seeing a lot of vehicles in that trailer...if those are actually in the game and playable. Then it would seem they've moved into Battlefield territory...which in my opinion is awesome. I prefer the more dynamic environment. Then again, it was nice having a difference between COD and BF. Hm...guess we'll just have to wait and see.
I doubt they will have playable vehicles in the Multiplayer. They had tons of vehicles and huge maps in the first Call of Duty, and they've went the total opposite direction from that and built smaller maps that create more close quarters battles. What we most likely saw there was the single player campaign which, if you remember from COD4, had a lot of moments where you would be riding in vehicles before a mission started.
I liked the maps with tanks though... good times :)
Yea...that's what I hate about non-gameplay trailers. They're so deceiving (given, nothing says this trailer is...we don't yet know what is or is not in the game).

In this trailer they had 6 scenes. In that, they displayed 5 different vehicles (1 vehicle in every scenes...2 scenes had helicopters). One would assume if you are putting that much emphasis on vehicles in a trailer, they would be playable in-game.
There were quite a few vehicles in the CoD4 trailer and there wasn't much emphasis on them. Though it does look like we'll be riding a snow ski at some point.
I think what you're more than likely seeing there is some of the cinematics that lead into and out of missions.

With the helicopter scene, you're clearly riding in the side of one..and with the Jets, they're just on a runway that is being attacked. The only vehicle shown that seems to be playable is the snow mobile that is shown towards the end of the video.
Yes, I think the vehicles will mostly be used for the obvious first person cinematic and the obvious night vision chopper mission :)
going to be sick nasty. cod4 change my view on fps, this will be just as epic.
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